Baby steps

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to this part of my website. Here, I will continuously update you on my different thoughts, feelings and ideas that I get from living and studying in Melbourne, Australia.

The headline of this post suggests that I’m currently trying to learn something new and that’s exactly what I’m doing at this moment. Or actually, when I think about it in a wider perspective it’s actually three totally new things that I’m trying to get in control of.

First and foremost it’s the task of setting up a website, which is quite far from my previous learning experiences in life. I would certainly say that I’ve not really been gifted with a technical blessing. Guess I can partly blame my parents for that.

Second, it’s not just about creating a website, the website I’m creating should also contain some kind of blogish content. This is also really far from my previous online persona which was more about observing, stalking and once in a while post a picture on Instagram that doesn’t really say too much actually. Now I’m supposed to produce content that hopefully(?) will be read by some people and that’s a game changer for me.

The third thing that comes to my mind as being far away from my comfort zone is to do all of this in English and not my native language, Swedish. This means that you have to bear with me and some weird grammatical sentences once in a while.

To summarize this post, if someone would have told me a couple of years ago that I was about to set up a website I would probably just laugh at them. If they then told me I was about to share blogposts in English on the site I would’ve probably just laughed even harder. But here I am today and trying to learn it all with small baby steps. And the fact is, I’m enjoying it!

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