Six minutes

Two weeks ago me and my classmates were asked to have a think and reflect on how we use our social media. The amount of time we got to do this was as the headline suggests, six minutes. Without sounding to dramatic or using expressions like the Swenglish ”Hallelujah-moment” I would say that this was a good start of possibly something new. 

Generally in life I think that reflection is key. It really helps you to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and also if there is room for improvement or need to change things. It could be everything from reflecting on what matters in life to how you brush your teeth. 

To answer the latter, I’m usually going with the 2-2-2 rule which means brushing your teeth with two cm of toothpaste for two minutes, twice a day. 

Moving on to what’s more important and relevant to this blog post are my thoughts on my online identity and social media use. Because when I think of how many times I push the ”Ignore Screen Time Limit”-button and look at the hours I actually spend on my phone, daily, it kind of scares me. Especially knowing that most of those minutes and hours doesn’t really add any value to my everyday life. So, what I encourage you readers(all four of you) to do is to reflect on your social media usage and how it affects you. And in my next blog post I will dig deeper in this subject. What a cliffhanger, right…? 

I’m generally sceptic to online quizzes that tries to define who you are but a fun way to support(or not) your thoughts could be this online quiz.

Over and out!

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